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The second Christmas starts and turns camp is coming soon

@Wolverhampton Central   

(3 places remaining)

Starts – Saturday 21st Dec 2019 – 12.00-2.00pm Theory – 2.00-3.00pm Practical

(Discount of £10.00 when booking starts and turns together)
More details click WOLVES STARTS & TURNS

For costs and booking details click here


Prior to the pool session a theory session will focus on the key components of a dive and backstroke start

· SET UPPositioning of hands, feet, hips

· DRIVEInitial movement into take off

· FLIGHTMovement & direction from the block

· ENTRYAngle of entry, streamlining


After a short practice period we will record three dive and three backstroke starts, these recordings will be used to provide detailed feedback, to each swimmer in the form of video and still photos of the individual during the key components above.

Races can be won and lost at the start, can you afford to neglect this key race component.

What’s the worst that can happen?

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